Top 10 2018 Lyrics That Eventually Turn To Slangs On The Street – Which Is Your Best Slang?

It has always been a norms of converting Nigerian music lyrics to slang on the street in the recent time.
We enjoyed quite a number of good song last year (2018) with a well notable and essential lyrics, even though we still have a colossal number of artistes with below par songs and dry Lyrics.
So I shortlisted the Top 10 most notable Lyrics we copped out of a song and use as a slang in our daily affair.
Below are the 10 Lyrically coined Slangs;

” Issa Goal ” – Naira Marley, Issa Goal

Even after the dimmed light of the jam by Naira Marley dubbed “Issa Goal”, the slang it gave birth to still bask in the euphoric mind of many Nigerians.
The slang is mostly used to affirm something we really want to achieve. For example, during the World Cup, we are all like ” Super Eagle Issa Goal!“.
I believe we all sometimes claimed something Issa Goal!

“No More Insufficient Funds” – Chinko Ekun, Able God

This is unarguably the most used lyrics as slang on the street of Nigeria and disapora.
The Chinko Ekun created slang became an Anthem to most aspiring Yahoo Boys and probably all money seeking hustlers on the street.
It’s more unless like a prayer point to every I never chop Nigga, and that’s the breaking point of this Lyrics.
Biggest lyrics of 2018 I must confess.

” Yahoo Lawon Oremi ” – Eleniyan, Yahoo Lawon Oremi

In English it means ” All My Friends are all Internet Fraudster“. How on earth will a lyrics like this be chanted by almost all and sundry.
Guess, nobody cares about your meaning most times. Yahoo Lawon Oremi, Oloso Lawon Oremi
The virality of this lyrics gave Eleniyan much more deserving accolades through 2018.

“Bad Energy, Stay Far Away” – Wizkid, Energy

We all can’t deny the fact that at one point in our 2018 we have no reason to use this Lyrics “Bad Energy Stay Far Away“.
We all want to send an encrypted message to the toxic people in our life. Even Oxford dictionary name the word “Toxic” as the most used word of 2018.
Guess we having more toxic people around than normal, and that led to virality oif this Lyrics by Wizkid alongside Skepta.

“Na Money Be Fine Bobo” – Mayorkun, Bobo Ft. Davido

To be truthful to ourself, we’ve heard different versions of this fact that “ You’re only ugly when broke“.
But the way the DMW act, Mayorkun refined it and make it an addictive song is something to talk on.
Na Money Be Fine Bobo became an hope lifting anthem to we the ugly boys that have small change.
It gave use the feels of confronting any Slay Mama as long as their is token in our account.

“Give Me Assurance” – Davido, Assurance

The Chaos causing lyrics by Davido, see an end to a whole lot of relationships and in the same vein enable the up sprout of some by various forms of Assurance men are giving to their respective Women.
Davido successfully gave a unique name to gifting a Lady something ab initio marriage and it’s called “Assurance“.
Everybody started yearning for Assurance from their partner and it doesn’t even stop to commoners like us, even celebrities asked for it.

“Amaka Disappoint Me” – 2Baba, Amaka Ft. Peruzzi

Almost every disappointing woman in my life copped a new name as at Last year and the name is “Amaka“.
Any form of disappointment like this, I swiftly call you Amaka, be it Romantic disappointment, Business disappointment, or Konji disappointment.
I know this is not happening alone in my case, we are all guilty of naming someone Amaka, because 2Baba popularized Amaka as been a disappointing being.

Gbe Body Eh, Gbe Soul Eh – Zlatan, Zanku (Legwork)

Most frequently used Slang in the last quarter of 2018 was known to be ” Gbe Body Eh, Gbe Soul Eh” that was curated by the sought after act, Zlatan.
Zlatan didn’t just hit the limelight and dine with Kings in 2018, he also added to his name surplus Number of Slangs on the street.
Ranging from Gbe Body EhGbe Soul EhGbese, and Jago Ma Pa Mi Na.. Zlatan was almost called the street king in 2018.

“Ji Masun” – Idowest, Ji Masun Ft. Davido

The DMW boy, Idowest also had a credible impact on the street slang wise with his viral Ji Masunlyrics.
He led to a lot of hot slap videos that went viral on social media, where friends of unsuspecting victims get a hot slap while sleeping on duty during the day as a result of drug burst or tiredness.
Even a toddler knows the response when a voice from faraway raised an Echo Of Ji…..

“Come Online” – Q2, Come Online

Q2 also has his own share of the street cake with his viral music tittle “Come Online“. The Up and Rising act, Q2 bask on the popularity of the slang already and make it viral.
Come Online was mostly used to call someone to action of doing something you meant to be doing at a particular time.
Baba! Come Online Joooor!
You have it all there, and I can imagine the bigger grin on your face going through that list! 2018 was musically Lit mehn!
Make 2019 better too!!!!
So Guys

Which Those Slangs Did You Use More?

Give Us Other Better Lyrics That Turns Slang On The Street, Incase We Miss Any

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