This heat over leadership in Imo state if not handled properly will destroy the state and retard the established scintilla of political progress and fun life to the background- Princely Onyenwe hinted.

This statement was made by a renowned strategist, youth mobilizer and practicing Journalist in the state at a media parley held in an undisclosed hotel in Owerri.

While fielding questions from the press, Comrade Princely Onyenwe reiterated the fact that the unity of APC political STRUCTURES and sourcing of membership across party linings is sacrosanct. He however pointed out the similarities between Hope Uzodinma’s government with that of his predecessor now senator of the federal republic, most Distinguished Senator Rochas Okorocha.

Comrade Princely Onyenwe stated categorically that both leadership are alike but differs in the individualistic pattern of operation to fix the state in order and make the people happy.

Onyenwe hinted that Okorocha’s time was the masses while Uzodinma time the state is witnessing cartel settings, a situation he said cannot make the governor gain popularity at the GRASSROOTS.

He earlier wondered why Governor Hope Uzodinma is not seeing the ills in the system.The ills, Onyenwe stated, that despite all odds the youths of Imo state should be made happy through a vibrant youth Commissioner who knows how to play the game codedly than mere rhetorics presently invoked in the management of Imo Youths and that of Tourism and entertainment.

He said, In the time of Emelu Kenneth as a Special Adviser to governor Okorocha, Imo youths were happy and were carried along across party linings.Emelu STRUCTURE gave Okorocha an edge to mobilize Imo Youths at ease. It is all about packaging and not “familiocracy” or “iberiberism” as chorused.

Comrade Princely Onyenwe
Comrade Princely Onyenwe

The next thing is the regular payment of pensioners and workers salary. Onyenwe said that Okorocha slashed down 20% of workers salary but was constant in payments and welfare of his people.

In his words, Imo people cannot forget in a hurry how workers were kitted and regular meetings and events were backed up with takehome and festive largesse to keep the state lively when Okorocha was the governor.

The media personality, advocate of the Justice cum good Governance, National Youth mobilizer and political strategist decried the fall of fun life which is very peculiar with Imo and call on governor Hope Uzodinma to reactivate the fun life, extablish at least a solid industry across the three zones of the state and Improve the state revenue income value through the ministry of youths and sports, entertainment and that of the Ministry of Tourism.

Little wonder why the then Okorocha’s Government opened up new vistas of employment for the masses at various cadre and even created the then controversial Ministry of happiness.The place Okorocha failed was his venture into execution of substandard works and uncompleted projects that scattered all over the state. Even majority of such projects could not stand the test of months in his administration.

According to Onyenwe Princely, Regular sections of carnivals was a Cruise in the time of Okorocha while the few months of Ihedioha on the hot sit did not allow him to spark up the fun life as a good Politician the masses thought he was but GOVERNOR Uzodinma can key into this plan to spark up the state with events and grab more followership.

He futher alleged that majority of Imo government officials have a disgusting manner of approach to pressing public issues arrising and such mundane selfishness to pulling down the Government they are working for is unbecoming.

Onyenwe adviced such OFFICIALS of Government to tell the governor the truth and profer possible solutions to salvage the system to the favour of the public range.

“The cash need to flow down to the GRASSROOTS to make the people feel the test of a new Government shared prosperity”

He maintained that any state that have angry youths and unhappy workers cannot sail through in governance, pointing out that Okorocha gave the youths the opportunity to articulate and support the Government.He has a style of uniting the masses. This is the reason Owelle will remain the lover leader of the masses.

Princely took down his memory lane back to one of his published articles captioned “IMO NEED MORE OWELLES TO SURVIVE” and cautioned the haters of Imo Government to stop using Senator Rochas Okorocha as a clog in the wheel of governance and begin to channel their Political muzzles and ideas to profer better ways to improve the state and unite all the lovers of APC to dominate the GRASSROOTS and be integrated into the National leadership in FCT.

He had maintained that Imo truly need more better Okorocha’s than the worst of his kind stressing that a ploy to ridicule Senator Rochas Okorocha is a simple plan to derogate the capacity of the Igbo leaders in the center of Government.

In the closing moment of the parley with selected Journalists, Princely Onyenwe noted that the good works of GOVERNOR Uzodinma cannot be overemphasized but requested that his Government should do everything humanly possible to Improve the state and make the GRASSROOTS feel the impact of Government.

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