UNBELIEVABLE: Cleric ordered ladies to stop wearing underwears to Church


A pastor in Nairobi Kenya has ordered church members to henceforth stop wearing underwear to church to allow his god penetrate them for easy deliverance in church.

This statement was made while administering to a lady member in his church last weekend.

Our source told us that it either the pastor is insane or mis- informed of the ethics of christianity to have made such pronouciation in his church.

The video attached HEREIN is a must watch to open our eyes on the rediculous acts of some people who called themselves pastors on earth.

A call has been put across CAN to swing into action to punish some of these pastors who has taken the altar of God as a place of gimmick or demonic practice.

The world has continued to Question his pattern of doctrine till the time of this news. Wonders indeed cannot seize.



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