US Congresswoman, Greene, files articles of impeachment against Joe Biden

Trump's call to cancel vote counting outrageous, unprecedented –BidenTrump's call to cancel vote counting outrageous, unprecedented –Biden

United States Republican congresswoman and one of former President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on Thursday, a day after he was sworn in to office.

According to Independent UK, Greene who is alleged to have ties with QAnon and has been known for promoting conspiracy theories, took to her Twitter account to announce her action against Biden.

Greene whose social media platform accounts were banned for 12 hours after tweeting alleged election fraud claims in Georgia, her home state, wrote:

“I’ve just filed articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden; we will see how this goes,” she wrote.

In another series of tweet, she posted:

“Yesterday’s inauguration looked like a one party military state takeover with 30K troops.

“People were told not to go and flags were planted to show the fake support.

“Biden calls for unity after the Dem party has attacked & continues to attack anyone that disagrees with them.

“I’ll be introducing Articles of Impeachment against President-elect @JoeBiden due to his abuses of power as Vice President. Americans can’t have a President who has threatened foreign governments to remove government officials.

“Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump today has now set the standard that they should be removed for their support of violence against the American people.

“President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s vice president is lengthy and disturbing.”

Earlier on inauguration day, Greene had attacked Biden’s celebration on Twitter, referring to the new president as “a clueless Grandpa.”

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Greene’s impeachment moves on Biden comes less than a month into her first term in Congress, but according to a political analyst in the US, the “stunt is destined for quick failure as the Democrats now control the House and Senate, in addition to the White House.”

The congresswoman filed the articles over claims of corruption against Biden and his family in Ukraine, Russia and China, claims Biden has rubbished severally, saying any decision he made while in office as the Vice President were based on his son, Hunter Biden’s overseas business interests.
“President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached.

“Joe Biden abused the power of the office of the vice president, enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors, by allowing his son to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept various benefits, including financial compensation, from foreign nationals in exchange for certain favors.

“During his father’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden built many business relationships with foreign nationals and received millions of dollars from foreign sources, seemingly in exchange for access to his father.

“The financial transactions which Hunter engaged in illustrates serious counterintelligence and extortion concerns relating to Hunter Biden and his family.”

A Senate investigation by Republicans last year found no evidence of corruption against Biden and no evidence that his son’s work for Burisma, an oil company, influenced US foreign policy.

Greene was among the 139 representatives and eight senators who opposed Electoral College results from Arizona and Pennsylvania confirming Biden’s win over Trump, alleging that there was massive voter fraud in her home state that resulted in Biden’s close win in Georgia, but that her win was totally legitimate and that her vote count was accurate.

Republican officials who oversaw the election in Georgia have repeatedly debunked Greene’s claims as being false.

Her GOP colleagues have denounced Greene and others in their conspiracy theories wing of the party.


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