Following the trend of distractions and propaganda bedevilling Imo state government, Uzodinma electronic media Aide Hon. Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM) has accused PDP, SENATOR OKOROCHA’S RESCUE GROUP AND THE IGNORANT IMOLITES AS BLIND OPPOSITIONS OF GOVERNMENT.

This statement was made on his recent press release made available to 9News Nigeria few hours ago.

In the released, Modestus said he has come to discover that while Governor Hope Nwa Uzodimma is working assiduously to mitigate the debilitating quagmire, economic stagnation, developmental backwardness, finacialy inadequacy and a complete hopeless situation that Imo state was plunged into especially within the last eight years of that man representing Imo West, there are only three categories of people who are blinded in their opposition against the highly performing Governor Uzodimma.

Nwamkpa who was bittered by this ugly development has maintained that these are people who have vowed never to see anything good about the Shared Prosperity government and the ebullient Governor because of obvious reasons.

According to Nwamkpa Modestus, “No doubt, opposition is a major ingredient in democracy. Infact, a virile opposition is a sine qua none for the advancement of sound democracy and it enhances effective service delivery by those in power.”

“When opposition is constructive, it brings out the best from those in authority. Opposition can be productive when it is constructive and counter productive when it is destructive depending on the way it is played.”

“Opposition must be genuine for the sake of the people and those in opposition must suggest better ways of doing things to those in power. Opposition should not be about individuals in power but about policies and programes that are considered to be anti people”

However, in Imo, he stated that he has continued to insist that the type of opposition Imo have here are distrust and distractive opposition.

He added that basically, it is an opposition that is based purely on anger occasioned by the fact that they lost power, not strictly about what will benefit the people. Rather, it is about their salivating for power. And that is very sad.

“Opposition here always hit below the belt. They engage so much in name calling and more often than not, they go too petty”

In his words, the three categories of bitter opposition we have here in Imo state against Governor Uzodimma are stated as thus:

Read his submissions below;


Honestly, at times I don’t blame them for the way the cry because, the truth is that I don’t expect them to be happy because it is not easy to be bolted out from power especially at a time their members had loosen up their trouser zips and brought out their protruding fat tommies to enjoy their booty in government which they got from result writing and falsification of results. Some of them already have started hallucinating on the future. But my problem is that rather than continued unendingly sobbing, they should be calm and accept their fate. For me, they are over crying like those without hope when already God has given Imo state a good HOPE.

They see nothing in the current administration of Governor Uzodimma even while some of them enjoy the good roads constructed by the same man in their localities and also drive at night with Las Vegas- like street lights in major streets in Owerri yet they hatefuly blind their eyes against all the glaring achievements of the Governor. Unfortunately, they do not have any better suggestion to make on how things will be done differently and better, maybe because they are bereft of ideas, apparently being the reason why they failed to do anything during their time.

  1. OKOROCHA AND HIS MEN IN IMO APC: Show me a people that are so confused and vengeful in his opposition of Governor Uzodimma and I will point to you these people. They lack shame and appear to have lost their sense of recollection. They appear to have forgotten so soon that their 8 years reign was problematiic, traumatizing, regrettable, retrogressive, neausating and destructive. A regime that spent 96 inglorious months in power without bequeathing a single solid road across the 305 wards in Imo lacks the authority to criticize any government in the face of this world.. Yet shamelessly, they have the audacity to criticize a man who, in just one year delivered over 23 solid roads across the state.
    The former Governor Okorocha had all the opportunities to do the right thing and put a successor but he squandered that opportunity but suddenly after leaving power, he has unleashed his E-Rats to be abusing Governor Uzodimma. But they failed to known that we are around and can match every attack with a corresponding strength. They lack the moral standing to talk about good governance.
  2. Finally, there are another category that could be said to be the ignorant, the brainwashed, the opposition apologists and the haters. These people do not belong to any political party.

Many of them live outside the state but are fed with lies and falsehood about the Governor and the jump into the falsehood they are fed with on daily basis especially through the social media..

There are some others in this category who just hate the person and personality of the Governor because of one mundane reason or the other. These are people who brain wash others and spew out lies against Governor Uzodimma. These are people who are completely ignorant and the brains of these people need urgent 3R.

So outside these 3 categories of people, majority of men and women of sound and unbiased minds in mo state and outside Imo state understand that Governor Uzodimma has achieved so much inspite of the unusual challenges he met on ground.

Nwamkp’s had earlier adviced such groups of individuals to come close and ask questions. They should liberate their minds and see that the governor is doing wonderfuly well. They should resist being brainwashed by those who never did anything during their time.

He finally assured such detractors that Governor Uzodimma means well for the state and he has so far demonstrated sincerity and determination in transforming Imo state.

The governor in this pressing moments only needs prayers, support and encouragement of everybody to change the narrative as he promised.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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