Vector, MI end decade-old cold war with new track

Nigerian rappers, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun popularly known as Vector and Jude Abaga aka MI (Mr. Incredible) have collaborated on a new track titled: “Crown of Cray.”

The partnership ended the decade-old cold war between the two rap lyricists.

The resolution of the feud between the pair came to light during the official unveiling of the song dubbed: T.E.S.L.I.M in Ikeja, Lagos, on Tuesday.

Vector, who spoke on the collaboration, said though he had a misunderstanding with MI, they both agreed to resolve their dispute and lay a good example for upcoming artistes.

He said: “Even though, we have an argument or fight (It normal for humans to fight but to fight, no be to die) it will be nice for us to lay a good example for upcoming artistes so that peace and synergy can continue.

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“It is cool working with M.I. on this project. We don’t want our case to be like Tupac and Biggie.”

On the make-up of his forthcoming album, the rapper described it as a body of work that focused on consciousness, forward-thinking, and happiness.

“It will be nice for music to be beyond just making hit to make money. Although all of us like to make money, it will be nice for music to have messages that inspire hope, unity, and togetherness,” he concluded.

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