Veterinary council warns Nigerians against consuming meat roasted with tyres

The Deputy Registrar of Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN), Dr. Fadipe Oladotun, on Sunday warned Nigerians against the consumption of meat roasted with tyres, saying tyres contain cancer-causing substances.

Oladotun, who stated this in a chat with journalists in Abuja, added that the warning has become imperative given the growing health and environmental hazards across the globe.

He stressed the trend was on the rise as a lot of people were ignorant of the health consequences.

The VCN registrar said: “The more we eat those meats roasted with tyres, the more we are prone to health risks. There are alternative and healthy ways of de-skinning meat rather than using tyres. Burning tyres contaminate the meat, degrade the environment and pollutes the atmosphere.”

He said the council would intensify efforts to sensitise people to understand the dangers inherent in consuming meats roasted with tyres.

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“When tyres are burnt, they release bad fume that pollutes the air and when these are used to roast meat, they deposit substances on the meat that cause cancer when consumed,” Oladotun added.

He reaffirmed the council’s determination to prosecute those who engage in the practice, noting that the act was a “slow killer,” because the effects accumulate over a period of time without the victim knowing.

“The regulation of practices at abattoirs is what the council will engage in soon. We all need to join hands to stop this menace. I am giving a very strong warning to all the offenders that they should watch out because very soon the hands of the law will catch up with them.

“The council is carrying out awareness to give them enough time instead of aggressively arresting people,’’ the VCN chief concluded.

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