War is a disaster and not an option – Princely Onyenwe reiterates

The literal definition of war is a state of unusual open and declared arm hostile conflict between states or nations.

There is no doubt that as war lingers, People behave differently during a time of war and such actions could be very disastrous to life and property.

Moreso, a period of such armed conflict among humanity propagates weapons and equipments of war having its effects in our society.

When one person or groups of individuals are calling for cease fire and peace, it is very surprising to note that people with same blood and water in their body will be advocating for a continuity to stage manage and facilitate the war for their personal gains and self aggrandizement.

In this piece, I have this truth to tell all the races of this universal world that religious war is for personal gains and show of superiority of mankind.

“I have en routed the deep zones of this world to confirm that a peaceful society worths more enjoyable than a warlike environment.

“It is time for us to unite for a greater good, if truly we want peace. This is not the time to divide but a season of reflection to stop war and embrace unity, peace and progress.

“Remember that Nigeria is not just a country but a universal society of mankind created by God and to be judged by God and not man. Likewise every other country of the world.

“Therefore there is no religious group or religious practice that will be granted paradise but paradise can only be granted to mankind according to what u believe and practice.This is the outpouring of the holy spirit.

There is no doubt that we all will certainly die someday. There is need for all of us, be you white or black, christian or muslim, hindus or spiritual practitioners, politicians and the entire public range to be very careful of this life and live it very carefully in love with one another to gain rest in the end. Heaven is the rest place!

Recall the golden word that said “peacemakers shall see God!! and heed to this modus oprandi.

I feel it will benefit humanity to Stop war!! and Stop violence!!

Let peace reign!!

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