Whistle-blowers say millions spent on illegal spy operations ordered by Zuma

Zuma in danger of losing controversial rural home over $23m debtZuma in danger of losing controversial rural home over $23m debt

The ongoing corruption trial involving former South African President, Jacob Zuma has gotten murkier and more incriminating with whistle-blowers alleging that the former leader spent millions on illegal spy operations.

Two whistle-blowers, and other witnesses on Friday at a corruption-inquiry accused South Africa’s spy agency of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on illegal undercover operations to protect Zuma from corruption investigations.

They also gave details of a systematic plot to turn South Africa’s state security agency into something of almost a private Army for Zuma including attempts to influence judges and newspapers.

Mr Zuma has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. But he’s also refused to appear to answer specific allegations at the corruption inquiry – a refusal that South Africa’s constitutional court has now declared unlawful.

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This came days after a court in South Africa ruled that French arms supplier Thales will have to face charges in South Africa over allegedly corrupt payments made to embattled former President Jacob Zuma.

The Times Live website in a report said that the order was issued by Judge Alsa Bezuidenhout who ruled that there was reasonable and probable cause to believe that Thales had “directly or indirectly or with common purpose, participated in the enterprise run by Mr Schabir Shaik through a pattern of racketeering activity”.

In its reply, Thales South Africa, denied the allegations, adding that it had “noted” the high court’s decision and was “studying the judgement to consider its legal options.”

.Whistle-blowers say millions spent on illegal spy operations ordered by Zuma. . | ..

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