Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has been trending on social media since the early hours of today after she published a video on Instagram where she was seen advising single women above 30 to have their kids rather than abort.
Uche Ogbodo also used the platform to reveal to her followers that she is expecting a baby soon.

According to the actress, women should be prepared to live life without their partners.

It’s so painful o when I see a lot of girls my age, they don’t look beautiful anymore ad they were so pretty. I saw one yesterday I had to go back to the page to refresh…she was looking haggard and old and ugly,” she said.

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The actress continued;
“So who marriage help? If with marriage and the almighty man that you’re marrying, you’re looking terrible, without marriage, who knows how you go look?”

“Please, stop killing your children, especially when you’re of age. Have your kids. If marriage comes, marry oh, if marriage no come, raise your children now.”

“I’m 34. I already have a kid. This is going to be my second child. I have a boyfriend who loves me, I’m happy and I’m having my baby. ”

Watch her video below.

.Who marriage help? Uche Ogbodo advises women to enjoy being single mothers. . | ..


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