Why Nigerians will reject APC in 2023 – Wike

The Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, said on Thursday Nigerians would vote out the All Progressives Congress (APC) from the central government in 2023 because of its inability to tackle insecurity and corruption in the country.

Wike, who stated this when he visited his Adamawa State counterpart, Ahmadu Fintiri, said Nigerians have realized they made a terrible mistake voting for APC in 2015 considering the crippling economy and worsening insecurity in the land.

He said Nigeria’s poor ranking in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index also confirmed the humongous corruption in the current administration, adding that the government’s anti-corruption campaign has been misleading.

Wike said: “Are Nigerians happy? The answer is no. If Nigerians are not happy, what is the expected result you get?

“Obviously, Nigerians would want the APC not to govern them in 2023. I believe Nigerians are now realising they have made a mistake and want to correct that mistake by voting PDP and no longer APC.

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“What you see in the so-called anti-corruption crusade is vindictiveness. Today, if I want to leave PDP and go to APC, I will no longer be corrupt. The moment I remain in PDP, I’m corrupt. So corruption is based on the party you belong. That is their definition of corruption and that is why everybody is disappointed.

“Let me speak on my visit to Adamawa, I am shocked, overwhelmed with what I have seen here. I was asking him (Fintiri) where he was getting the money from. The kind of construction going on is as if Nigeria’s economic problem does not affect Adamawa State.

“And that is what we have always said, whatever opportunity you have, whatever the privilege you have, you try to make your people happy by providing them the basic infrastructure.”

“Don’t be distracted, don’t be bothered with what people will say. Continue to focus on infrastructural development because that is what can drive the economy of Adamawa State.”

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